Drainage systems are very important to our homes as a proper drainage system ensures that sullage and wastewater is removed from the home and that flooding does not occur. A clogged drain can lead to serious problems such as accumulation of waste water, bad odors as well as contamination. Believe it or not, all these problems will have negative impact on your health and daily life. Accumulated water can cause damages to the tiles and even the foundation of the building, and it can also cause areas to be mouldy, thus encouraging the growth of bacteria which may be harmful to people in the house.

Therefore, it’s time to get your drains running smoothly and freely. At Top Grade, we provide professional drain cleaning service to keep your drainage system clean and free from clogs. Be it a bathroom, kitchen, basement or outdoor drain cleaning, we will be happy to offer reliable services at reasonable pricing.

Top Grade professionals offer our clients drain cleaning service from the inside to the outside of your home. For example, if you have problems with a clogged sink, toilet or drain, we will be able to help you fix that problem. Additionally, if you have a damaged drainage system, our experts are capable of solving the problem for you by giving you advice on fixtures of new pipes if necessary. It doesn’t matter if it is an open or closed drain underground, as we will be able to help you repair them. We understand that drainage systems are utterly important for a house, thus we will do our best in fixing your drainage system with an affordable price. Call us immediately, if you are dealing with clogged or slow running drain.