Leaky pipes and faucets aren’t just annoying, they can also be very wasteful. We, at Top Grade, are pleased to help you out without breaking the bank. Most importantly, we are able to fix all of your emergency plumbing problems.

Top Grade is also a professional plumber who can repair faulty piping systems, sink taps, water tanks, just to name a few. With over 3 decades of experience and good reputation in plumbing repair service, each one of our highly-trained plumbers has extensive knowledge and skills to handle all plumbing-related problems, including faucet replacement, pipe replacement, leak repair and etc.

From above the house such as the kitchen and bathroom sink taps and shower faucets, to under the house such as cold water pipes, hot water pipes and waste pipes are the services that we can offer to our clients. Additionally, we have a range of plumbing materials for our clients to choose from such as PVC and steel, providing you with more options for your plumbing needs.

Additionally, our experts will make sure the plumbing fittings are right so that the procedure can be done in a short time. Besides providing services that will satisfy our customers, Top Grade makes sure that the cost of the services is affordable so that more people are able to use our service. Thus, you can truly count on us as we offer a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services in Malaysia.