Experience roof leaks after a heavy downpour? No worries, at Top Grade, our roof leaking specialist will help you to rectify all the problematic leaks. We specialize in roof inspections, roof repairs, roof replacement and many more.

We offer roof repair service for end users with new homes as well as homes that are having problems related to water leakage. We understand that water leakage can cause big issues to the house such as flooding, which may bring difficulty as you go about with your daily chores or even make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. In addition to roof repair service, you will be greeted by our professional advice and tips on keeping your roof and gutter well-maintained and also what are the main culprits that shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Top Grade offers complete roofing services from the roof underlay that protects your home from wind and rain, to the second layer of clay tiles that allow water to flow to the roof valley and down to the drain. We provide high quality underlayment which will strengthen the structure of your roof, at the same time it acts as a second barrier to prevent water or any form of moisture from seeping in.

Our team of professionally trained employees will be handling all the work that requires lifting heavy objects while climbing up and down the ladder, application of the underlayment and placement of clay tiles for your roof. We always ensure that our employees follow the safety procedures whenever they are working on roofs to avoid mishaps.

As a roof leaking specialist in Malaysia, Top Grade wants to ensure that your house is always safe and comfortable for you and your family. Unlike others, we are able to detect the root problem before it leads to a major disaster; thereby we are the ideal roof specialist in Malaysia.